Thursday, December 29, 2011


my new home:

i was on another friend's blog the other day, (yes. i do check this all the time. don't worry, i'm stalking you all.), and i noticed out of the corner of my eye- "thirtysomething- updated 7 months ago" SEVEN!

worst. blogger. ever.

life is good, dear friends. ridiculously, amazingly, undeservingly good. too much to tell you about....but good enough to retire this blog. i think it represents a certain phase of life that has come to a close. there's been lots to celebrate- but lots of grief and moving forward is wrapped up in these posts. i'm glad i'll have them to look back on, but it's time to shut er' down.

from now on- you can get updates here: this little gem will be full of all the things i love to fill my friends' bellies with....nothing really brings me to life more than making pretty and delicious things. so- a new leaf!

i've been working on some updates to my apartment. in about a week it will all be done and i'll have great things to share. until then....try to hold onto the supsense.

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